ANSWER:      An easily applied, easy to use single part non-skid coating.  Contains hard silica grit that provides built-in                traction to reduce slip and fall hazards.

QUESTION:   How does ALLSAFE II skid-proof surfaces?

ANSWER:      Thousands of the microscopic-sized grit of near diamond hardness float to the surface of the coating to make a rugged anti-slip film.

QUESTION:   Where is ALLSAFE II used?

ANSWER:      On any hazardous surface to reduce falls.  For example, schools use ALLSAFE II on metal stair treads, aisles,           running boards, and emergency exits of every school bus.  It's also USDA approved for use in food or meat handling areas.  These floors are wet most of the time.  ALLSAFE II skid resistance, alkali and acid resistance provides a safe, lasting surface under these conditions.

QUESTION:   How is ALLSAFE II applied?

ANSWER:      Simply flow into clean, dry surface with brush - as simple as painting.

QUESTION:   Can ALLSAFE II be used on basement floor and steps?

ANSWER:      YES!  In a choice of attractive colors - gray, green, red, yellow and black. ALLSAFE II beautifies those hazardous areas in basements, boiler and equipment rooms.

QUESTION:   What about exposure to salt water?

ANSWER:      ALLSAFE II is extremely resistant to the highly corrosive effect of salt water, spray and fumes.  ALLSAFE II is used to skid-proof exposed metal decking and treads on ocean going vessels.

QUESTION:   How do you handle slippery catwalks and ramp?

ANSWER:      Companies can resolve their skid-proofing problems by using ALLSAFE II on those catwalks, ramps and stair treads.

QUESTION:   Has ALLSAFE II been used on loading docks?

ANSWER:      Yes.  Ideal for use around loading docs to reduce skid hazards, especially during bad weather when dock floors are wet and exposed to wintry weather.

QUESTION:   Are there any unique markets for ALLSAFE II?

ANSWER:      Auto transports?  Slippery loading ramps presented a problem for loading new cards for Dealers Transport Company - problem solved by applying ALLSAFE II just like paint to those slippery steel ramps.

Improved appearance, too!

QUESTION:   What's the shelf life of ALLSAFE II?

ANSWER:      Indefinite.  ALLSAFE II will keep in good condition for years in tightly sealed containers.  Cannot freeze in container as it contains no water!  Stir thoroughly when reopening.

QUESTION:   How durable is ALLSAFE II?

ANSWER:      Hard silica grit - evenly disbursed throughout ALLSAFE II - provides extra wear.  One coat of ALLSAFE II will last several times longer than 2 coats of paint under the same conditions.

QUESTION:   How long does it take for ALLSAFE II to dry?

ANSWER:      Open to traffic in 5-6 hours.

Allsafe FAQ